I can write the horn arrangements or you can give me a part to read or a recording to transcribe.
All the parts and solos that I record for you are written and recorded EXCLUSIVELY for your track.

The recordings i send you will be clean/dry and ready to drop into your mix. You won't need to waste time trawling through numerous takes.


Procedure A (if you want me to compose/improvise the parts)

1. You email me your track as MP3 and provide written suggestions on instrumentation and what you want. i.e. fills, solo or riffs etc. (also a recording you may have of the style/approach you'd like reproduced can save time if relevant).

2. I compose/arrange and record the parts

3. I send you an MP3 demo of your track with the parts added

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Procedure B (if you want me to record your pre-composed parts)

1. You email me your track as MP3 and provide a guide recording of the part (on midi keyboard for example) and/or written parts of what you want me to play plus suggestions on instrumentation and style.

2. I transcribe/read the parts and record

3. I send you an MP3 demo of your track with the parts added


4. You let me know of any alterations you require (the first alteration is free of charge).

5. I alter the parts as requested - then I send you an MP3 demo of your track with the alterations

6. If you approve the recordings - you pay (see below) - otherwise repeat stage 4

7. I send you my unprocessed dry recordings in high quality WAV format ready to drop into your mix.


Payment is by bank transfer if in the UK or through Paypal if outside the UK (I will email you an invoice).

Package deal available for multiple tracks - contact me for details


If you do not approve the initial MP3 demo mix you need not pay and we can leave it there if you'd prefer. If you continue to request one or more alterations you are then committed to the process and are obliged to pay on completion.
Once you approve the tracks and I send you the high resolution audio files there are no refunds.

I don't expect to get any song writing royalties - unless I contribute a substantial 'hook' or melody - in which case we can negotiate a percentage split.

I require a performing credit (and arranging/writing credit if relevant) on any release that my recordings are used on...

i.e. Ian East - 'instruments played


I simply charge by the hour for my time with a minimum of two hours work for a project. You need to first send me an MP3 of the track/s and a description of what you need me to do and I can then give you a quote based on how long I think it would take for me to complete.

I don't charge you anything extra for the first alteration you request. Further alterations are then priced on how long it takes but are very reasonable.

This is MUCH cheaper than hiring a studio with a studio engineer and session player/s....

No Studio or equipment costs

No studio engineer to hire

No Musicians Union 3 hour minimum rate and additional overtime/doubling/porterage costs

If you need a quick turn around this is often possible at no extra cost depending on my performing schedule

Please get in touch if you are unsure of any aspect of the 'How It Works' procedure.